A Happy Holiday Deal for Office Party Planners

It’s time to start planning the office holiday party…

And we’re here to make it easy for you. We’ve hosted many memorable holiday events that have delighted management, staff and clients. And to make an even sweeter deal:

Book your holiday party here and the room rental is ON US for your next meeting in 2018!

We will also include a complimentary beverage break!

Once you’ve booked you will also receive your choice of one of the following:

  • One hot horsD’oeuvre (for up to 100 guests)
  • Dessert upgrade
  • Double points on your event
  • Suite for the event planner on the evening of the event

Book now! This offer expires on December 31, 2017!

To book, contact our Sales Department directly at 440.937.0909
Cannot be combined with other offers.

Taking Care of the Details

Meet Mindy Naylor, Banquet Manager

The Emerald Event Center is known for fabulous and detailed events, weddings, fundraisers and meetings. One face you will generally see for all of them is that of Mindy Naylor, the Emerald Event Center’s Banquet Manager. She can be found hustling before most events making sure every detail of presentation is on point, cutlery polished, champagne poured, every seat in its proper place. It is Mindy’s job to make sure each event shines with Emerald polish and expectations are always exceeded. “There is no better reward than when a bride and groom are happy with the service  food and atmosphere we’ve provided for their special day,” says Mindy.

Mindy has a long career in food service, hospitality and banquet management in and around Lorain County. She is known for her kindness and love of people and says “I’ve never met a stranger.” Mindy and her husband, Rick have been married for 36 years and together have raised their son Justin who has just recently married.

Whether hosting or attending an event at the Emerald Event Center, you are bound to cross paths with Mindy – another friendly face behind our Emerald magic!

Raising the Bar on Fundraising Events

Mercy Taste of Friendship

Opened in 2016, The Emerald Event Center is quickly becoming the go-to location for large-scale foundation and fundraising events. The ease and flexibility of setup, the number of people the facility can host and the convenience of our west Cleveland location all result in a great choice for fundraisers to host a meaningful and successful event.

The Taste of Friendship was held on a beautiful Friday evening in September. It incorporated the need for both indoor and outdoor spaces, vendor spaces, elegant presentation and entertainment. We were also able to set up a tent in the outdoor courtyard in case of inclement weather. Click here for room specifications and setup options that can serve your future event.

Taking Care of the Details…

Emerald Culinary Team Sourcing Excellence

The Emerald Event Center culinary team work tirelessly to achieve excellence in everything that comes out of the kitchen. Simply put, they’re taking care of the details. If you ask any previous event attendee, wedding guest or conference participant what made their event memorable; you will probably hear about food and presentation. Our beef dishes reflect the constant attention to detail. From the Filet Mignon served at a fine wedding, to the Emerald Steakburger grilled at one of our Tuesday evening patio dinners, attention and planning have been underway long before the meat is on the grill.

Before the ingredients even arrive onsite, Chef Bernie Berhent is working hard to make sure that the cuts of meat that Emerald sources will exceed guest expectations. When choosing beef, the only option for the Emerald Event Center is prize selection Angus Reserve Beef®. Angus Reserve Beef comes strictly from Midwestern US cattle ranchers. It’s known for producing juicy, flavorful dishes. From farmers to meatcutters, those involved in the raising and processing are at the top of their craft. Angus Reserve is only commercially available to independent restaurants in the Great Lakes region, so you won’t find it in the grocery aisles or at chain restaurants. Angus Reserve Beef is hand selected for superior marbling and texture and comes from only the very top of the USDA grading system.

Of course, Our Angus Reserve Beef is only one option of many fine selections on the menu. You can find more of our menu selections here, all of which the ingredients are carefully sourced with the same attention to detail and quality. Brides and grooms who’ve signed a contract with EEC for their big day, are treated to a complimentary tasting of Emerald dishes including our Angus Reserve Beef dishes. Our next tasting is coming up this fall. But you don’t have to be engaged to give it a try. Every Tuesday night through the summer, Chef Bernie and his team will be on the grill at our evening barbecues. Try out an Emerald Steakburger for yourself! Yum!

Craft Bar is Rockin’!

Summer is sizzling for guests of the Residence Inn by Marriott’s Craft Bar. (Click here for regular menu selections)

Tuesday night dinners have heated up on the patio with Chef Bernie Berhent on the grill. In addition to weekly dinners, special themed patio party with live entertainment is planned for the third Tuesday of each month. June’s theme was a “Rockin’ Luau.” The weather was great and the food and drinks were tasty tropical treats for the many guests that attended. July 18 will feature a “Red, White and Blue! Picnic on the Patio!” Although the Cleveland Indians will be in San Francisco, they’ll be here, on the big screens. So, enjoy the game and a good old-fashioned picnic with cornhole, live music by Rick Keane and Ronnie Clinton, and drink specials while cheering on the Tribe! Chef Bernie will be on the grill making all your picnic favorites. Click here for Tuesday night dinner details.

Thursdays in the Craft Bar are taco nights with a $3 build-your-own taco. And of course, there are always beer and wine specials with a seasonal Great Lakes Brew on tap. Enjoy your meal, drinks and the game indoor or out around the fire pits. The Craft Bar is open daily from 5–11pm.

At your service…

Meet Craft Bar Bartender Sally Keating

Sally has been working in the food and beverage industry for 35 years. Many remember her as the friendly face behind the bar and the great food at Sally’s West Shore Pub in Avon Lake, a well-regarded business she owned and operated.

In her eight months tending the Craft Bar, Sally has discovered her favorite part of the job is the people she meets. She shared that “many guests are traveling in from all over. For instance, I recently met with a member of the native American Navajo population who lives on a reservation. His grandmother is a medicine woman. There are always so many interesting people here to talk to!” Of course, many regulars are local folks who’ve brought a local flavor to the Craft Bar— they’ve followed Sally from her days at her own pub. Sally also mentioned another favorite part of the job is working with Chef Bernie Berhent who, she says with a smile,  “he is amazing—such a professional! Everyone raves about his food and it makes my customers happy.”

Originally from Lakewood, Sally now calls Avon Lake home. “I love being close to the water-I’ve always lived by the water—it is soothing to the soul.” In her free time, Sally likes to make soup in cooler months. She even won third place in the Cleveland Souper Bowl for her Pizza Soup!